Best Shoulder Holster

This shoulder holster review will take a look at what a shoulder holster is and why people use shoulder holsters. We will also take a look at some of the best should holsters available and where you can get them. Read our should holster review to learn more about shoulder holsters and what to look for in your search for the best gun holster for your weapon and circumstance.

What are shoulder holsters?

A shoulder holster is a type of concealed weapon holster. Shoulder holsters are designed so that the weapon is protected from view by the arm that covers it. Shoulder holsters don’t require the user to be wearing a belt and are generally more comfortable than a hip holster for someone that will be sitting a lot while carrying the weapon. Many uniformed police officers that work at a desk will carry their weapon in a shoulder holster for this reason.

Who uses shoulder holsters?

Anyone that wants to carry a concealed weapon on them without having to wear a belt may want to use a shoulder holster. To use a shoulder holster for concealed carry you will have to wear an overcoat that will cover the shoulder holster. This seems to be one of the biggest considerations when choosing to use a shoulder holster. When the weather is cool enough to wear a coat over the shoulder holster it can be a very good choice. When it is hot and you want to wear nothing but a t-shirt a shoulder holster is not very practical.

Who makes the best shoulder holsters?

There are many companies that make should holsters. In this shoulder holster review we will take a look at the shoulder holsters made by Galco, Uncle Mike’s, and Safariland. First, we will take a look at the Miami Classic shoulder holster by Galco. This is the original shoulder holster made in 1969 and is the one worn by Don Johnson in Miami Vice. This holster has four individual pivot points and a swivel back plate. Make for the best fit for lasting comfort for anyone. This shoulder holster is made of saddle leather and includes the holster, harness and ammo carrier as well as many additional accessories that can be purchased separately. The Galco Jackass Rig System is similar to the Miami Classic but features a more diagonal carry position and adds a set of system screws to the other features of the Miami Classic. The Jackass Rig System is made for semiautomatic pistols and is available for right hand draw.

Next, we will look at Uncle Mike’s shoulder holster products. The Sidekick Vertical Shoulder Holster at Uncle Mike’s provides the best weight distribution along with “ultra-snug” firearm retention. This shoulder holster will provide the user with the most freedom of movement while the adjustable buckle and snap retention strap keep the firearm securely in place. Scoped holsters and left-handed shoulder holsters are available. Two other shoulder holsters are available from Uncle Mike’s, the Sidekick Vertical Shoulder Holster, and the Pro-Pak Horizontal or Pro-Pak Vertical Shoulder Holster. Both Pro-Pak Holsters are designed to accommodate your carry and drawing style for fast draw and lightweight comfort.

Last, we will take a look at the two Safariland should holster systems, the ALS Shoulder Holster System and the Gun Quick gun Holster. The ALS shoulder Holster System automatically “locks” your weapon into place when you holster your weapon. Simply release the thumb break and then you have a straight draw of your weapon. This shoulder holster is made to be worn in a horizontal or vertical position. The Safariland “Gun Quick” Shoulder Holster is made for medium to large pistols and will fit more than 90 pistol designs. The ambidextrous should holster design allows you to wear the holster right or left handed. This shoulder holster easily adjusts to accommodate different barrel length and widths.